Spotlight – Alan Shimamoto

Meet the Superman of Connecting, Alan Shimamoto!

This man simply knows how to connect!

Around Tumwater, Alan is busy building communities through neighborhood publications, a highly successful networking group, and guiding others to seek and achieve their own success.

Sitting down with Alan, even for just a few minutes truly gives you a powerful glimpse of what  make him, his partners, and his vision such an asset for Tumwater and our Chamber. He has accomplished much by seeking to provide value first and see where there’s a connection.


How did you become involved in Networking and the Chamber?

“My involvement within the Chamber and communities of Thurston County actually started out of a bit of a shock. February 2, 2012, after 24 years in the insurance business, I was given my “walking papers.” It had been my only career, and a great one at that! I’d grown my own career and those around me enough to become Regional Director at the peak of that career which had me leading over 400 Agents and Sales Managers spanning 7 states.

I was living large, but when the company restructured…I was out. After doing that for the bulk of my adult and professional life, it was surprising to say the least. One good thing was I finally got time to spend with my family and catch up on a lot of moments I’d been missing.

After my stint as a stay-at-home dad, my wife Louisa decided it was time for me to get something to do! She’d been doing some looking, and thought n2 Publishing was the right choice. She loved it because it would allow us to work together and help the neighborhoods of McAllister Park and Indian Summer. We have a lot of fun and have met some amazing people in our local communities.”


Where does your passion come from?

“I’d say it’s twofold: I simply have an affinity for small business owners and I’m a coach at heart.

I just can’t help but want to see driven small business owners truly running their business and their life optimally all at the same time. While going around, meeting with others, and trying to build a business of our own, Louisa and I noticed the need for an effective networking group in Thurston County…

The IN Team was created to serve that need! We’ve met a lot of wonderful folks and have created an environment where everyone has an “Abundance Mentality” The people of our group are always looking to grow as individuals and make deeper connections. It’s been really cool to see what can happen when you get the right people with the right attitudes together!”




As you can see, Alan’s a master at growing while transitioning. With that skill he’s created a coaching program to aid entrepreneurs and business owners through the more difficult times.

“My dad owned his own flower shop and was pretty darn successful, so I’ve always had at least one incredible business role model. He had tough times, ones that were hard to get through. He always stuck it out and never complained. Throughout the years, I’ve met plenty of business owners who just seem “stuck.” I, along with another great businessman from our local area, Daryl Murrow recently started a series that’s going to make quite an impact on a lot of business owners by giving them the tools, mindset, and systems to finally have the business of their dreams.”


Are you excited for the next few years in the Tumwater Area?

Absolutely, I expect a lot of growth for both the area and my businesses! You can’t deny people are coming to Tumwater, so I hope the Chamber continues to provide the best ways to meet a large volume of people to see where you can connect and serve others. The Chamber has been extremely beneficial to my efforts in this area!  I’d love to see more ways we can make business growth even more conducive in the area.

I’m eager to continue to an environment of people who have an “Abundance Mindset.” That’s really what I love doing for the Tumwater Community

If you want to connect with Alan the best way to do so is by calling him at 360.915.2196 or emailing him at Feel free to checkout his business Facebook page at