Laurie Berryman – Spotlight

Hot Food, Warm Hearts, and Cold Treats: McDonald’s Serves Tumwater Well!

Who doesn’t love a trip to one of our two McDonald’s Locations? If you’ve been to either place, there’s a good chance you’ve met Laurie Berryman. We got the chance to sit down with the Owner of this mighty establishment. Laurie simply leaves everyone she meets feeling inspired and cared for.

“I’ve been proudly serving McDonald’s for 41 years! I started at age 16 as an ordinary high schooler who needed a job. It’s hard to imagine it being this long, but it’s gone by quickly and happily thanks to our amazing team!  We only hire those with positive attitudes, who love customers. We become a McFamily that supports each other throughout life. Life is something that’s mean to be shared and celebrated together; we always bring that outlook to work when serving our guests.


I’ve enjoyed watching the people and Tumwater itself grow and change over the years. There’ve been many things to be excited about and we’ve loved being a part of them. Our McFamily is pretty extensive! We employ over 120 awesome Thurston County residents and actually need a few more at the moment…”

What McDonald’s brings to the Tumwater Community:

Besides the taxes we pay and the employment we provide, we support

  • The Local Schools,
  • Boys and Girls Club,
  • Big Brother & Big Sister,
  • YMCA,
  • Tumwater Rotary
  • Our employees by awarding scholarships

I personally volunteer on several board of directors in the community: YMCA, Strophy Foundation, Thurston County Veterans Services and Behavioral Health Resources.


McTakeover Events: Hundreds of Dollars Fundraised per Hour!

“One of the example I can give is supporting the local veterans by putting together with Strophy Foundation and TCVS to sponsor a couple of fundraisers that benefit our veterans. Those are the McTakeOver events 5PM to 7PM where we donate 50% of the sales to support and fund these organizations. There’s always at least $500 in donations. We’ve even had instances where we’ve raised from $1,000 to $1,700 in those two hours!

The community response is great, people like to help good causes, and donations sometimes exceeding the sales!”



Growing right along with Tumwater


As this area continues to grow, Laurie and her teams try to keep up with demand. As stated above, Laurie’s almost always looking for talented team members.

“We already employ 120 Tumwater Area workers. With that, I still need about 20 more people to work in the two stores I run today. A huge priority for us is finding quality employees that we can trust.

Not having enough people slows our growth more than we’d like to see, but we’re still confident about the future. We’re expecting moderate growth of our team over the next few years.

***If you do know of anyone who wants to enjoy their work and those around them, please send them our way! We’re hiring cooking staff, counter employees, and some service positions.” ***

And Laurie’s excited about our Chamber, too! 😉

“We believe the exposure to the community and being part of the business community is the greatest benefit to the members. We are due to get more involved with the chamber and its members. The things I’m most excited about are getting to know people and become a more active member!

I really believe Chamber Membership and being active in the business community should be a goal of any business owner. Taking an active role in the local business world should be on every business plan, if you want to make a difference you should have your voice heard.”

Hurry down to one of the two locations today!

By now you’ve seen the incredible lengths the McDonald’s crew goes to in order to serve Tumwater residents tasty food, a bonding camaraderie, and a quality atmosphere and experience for guests. We’re hungry just thinking about it!

You can join us at either one of the incredible McDonald’s Locations in Tumwater for a Big Mac, Fries, and a delicious McFlurry!

There’s one at 5601 Capitol Blvd SE and another at 2430 93rd Ave SW. Both are open 24 hours to satisfy ANY craving you may have!