ScaleUp Program

Tumwater Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce The City of Tumwater is sponsoring the Thurston EDCScaleUp Program for Tumwater Business Owners.  This great business training program has three courses and all designed to help you grow your business. Requirements: This program is designed for Tumwater businesses that have been active for 2 years or more, have $100,000 or more in revenue and are committed to significant growth. 80% of the cost is covered by the Tumwater City, your cosy 20% – take whatever course is more important to your business or take them all as designed. Please contact the Tumwater Chamber to register for the January classes. 

Here is what some of the owners that attended the courses are saying: “The training has given me the tools to create a more efficient business. For years my business has consumed my life – I worked every position, 7 days a week 24 hours a day and rarely had time off. TuneUp has shown me how to implement systems and put together a team. I have now taken the role of the CEO and our company practically runs itself.” Marty Marstrom, Meridian Care Home

“In the retail business, it is too easy to ride the rollercoaster of hope & despair, feeling like you go where the car goes, there is no control. ScaleUp is reminder that the business owner has the wheel. It provided that opportunity to review every aspect of the business and using the business plan as a template,particularly if one looks forward to more external financing, is good path. I would recommend other small businesses take the ScaleUp training as an opportunity to review their successes and, more Importantly, to plan for the future.   Ken Adney, Olympia Furniture Works

“I enrolled in the TuneUp class not realizing what a valuable experience it would be. The simple tools and exercises really inspired me to build a foundation that can support my business as it grows. Thank you to all who make this amazing program available!”  Cynthia Salazar, Capitol Florist

Business TuneUp provides tools to bring greater efficiency and predictability to your operations through strategic organizational design and systems thinking.TuneUp helps you transform your business so you get more done with far less effort, freeing up your valuable time. If you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or like you’re losing control, Business TuneUp is the class for you! 

Business TuneUp will teach you how to:

  • Identify key metrics for better decision-making Improve profitability and increase sales
  • Turn frustrations into solutions
  • Think more strategically
  • Work fewer hours & enjoy more personal time
  • And much more!

Four-session course, Thursdays 8:30am-12:00pm1/17-2/7/2019. 

Tumwater City is sponsoring 80% of the cost, take the opportunity, enrol now…

Financial Mastery is designed to help you gain the skills and confidence necessary to make sound business decisions using financial tools. You’ll learn how to read and understand your financial statements, construct a budget, and project cash flow. You’ll also learn how to diagnose issues in your business, recognize opportunities to limit your expenses,and identify options for funding business growth.

Financial Mastery will teach you how to:

  • Understand your P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Recognize your key financial drivers
  • Plan profits and growth
  • Find and control hidden cash flows
  • Build financial strength for future value
  • And much more!

Four-session course, Thursdays 8:30am-12:00pm2/28-3/21/2019.

Build Your Market is designed to help you develop a strategy to accelerate your business growth. You’ll explore and identify new market opportunities, improve your products and services to optimize your competitive advantage and better understand your ideal customers, and then develop your implementation plan to increase your sales. Don’t be complacent; it’s time to Build Your Market!

Build Your Market will teach you how to:

  • Identify and explore growth opportunities
  • Develop your competitive advantage
  • Define your marketing strategy
  • Choose the most effective marketing tactics for your business
  • And much more!

Four-session course, Thursdays 8:30am-12:00pm4/11-5/2/2019.