Tumwater To Go Page


Friends, Businesses, and Leaders of Tumwater:

The Coronavirus crisis has put all business in a critical situation. Layoffs, closures, and reduced hours of operation have taken a toll on our local restaurants and breweries. We, at the Tumwater Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC), hope we can help promote those who still strive to operate and grow their business, and to retain as many of their employees as possible.

Just a few weeks ago, the economy was booming.  We had low unemployment, business was flourishing, and community was united. This global crisis has been felt locally in a profound way, and we are all working to adjust with it while meeting Federal and Washington State Center for Disease Control guidelines.

We, at the TACC, want to serve our entire community…not just TACC members. The time has come where the TACC can make a big difference in a business’ livelihood, and showing support for all business helps us all.

The Tumwater Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce Tumwater To Go, a Facebook page whose purpose is 2-fold:

*Where local businesses can share their current business model, including hours of operation, current menu options and their delivery, pick-up, and payment methods.

*Where community members can have a go-to resource to eat local, drink local, and shop local….A digital one-stop-shop to connect the community with the best of local fare.

Any business can post….not just TACC members…. and we encourage communication with the TACC regarding future Chamber activities. We want to take this opportunity to demonstrate the community vision of the TACC, and to share the value of membership in our TACC community.

 TACC Members are encouraged to share this invitation to non-members, community members, and on community social media outlets. In order for Tumwater To Go to serve it’s purpose, we need to be seen, and  that is where you come in!

*LIKE and FOLLOW Tumwater To Go!

*SHARE Tumwater To Go! Click on the SHARE button, and copy the link to your business, personal, and community pages, customer distribution lists, and to your personal network. The more we share, the more it’s SEEN!!!

Together we can make a difference! 


Promote, inform, and advocate for businesses and the community we serve.


Be the leader connecting people and places to Tumwater.


Create partnerships that shape Tumwater through personal connection.