Ryan Reynolds, President

Christy Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds are the owners of WEICHERT REALTORS Reynolds Real Estate. They began their adventure with real estate in 2005 when they made the decision to move back home to Tumwater from Phoenix, AZ. As young parents, the choice of having their kids growing up close to grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins, outweighed the excitement of living in the year-round sun.

They both grew up here, born at St. Peters hospital, spent K-12 within the Tumwater SD, and had parents that taught, worked, owned businesses, and properties here. They feel that the choice to raise their kids in the Tumwater area may have been the best one in their lives so far.

Because of their commitment to family and location, real estate has been an additional blessing. Assisting people every day with housing needs and becoming more and more involved locally has helped them learn how to not only how to preserve, but discover new ways to potentially better our community, and that makes them both proud. They are very excited for the opportunity to be involved with and contribute to the Tumwater Area Chamber of Commerce.